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Will Legislation Stop the Reassessments?


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There have been various news articles in the last few weeks relating to a bill that was recently passed by the Pennsylvania State House relating to property reassessments. Some are predicting that this bill will suspend the current reassessment in Allegheny County. Below you will find an explanation of this bill, and why this bill ultimately should not and will not stop the reassessments from being used for taxation purposes in 2013.

I certainly do not support an increase in property taxes to all residents of Allegheny County, but I do think that people should pay uniformly. I believe this reassessment can help us reach a point where property owners are being treated fairly and paying what they should. Reforming property taxes (i.e. increasing the income and/or sales taxes) is not the topic of the article. However, if we are going to use the current system, then it must be used as fairly as possible.


The Pennsylvania State House recently passed House Bill 2137, calling for a moratorium on court-ordered property tax reassessments in the state of Pennsylvania. The Senate will consider passage of this bill at the end of April. A similar bill was passed by both Houses last year, but was ultimately vetoed by Governor Corbett because the bill applied only to Washington County and legal experts agreed it would not survive constitutional challenges.

If passed by both Houses and signed by Governor Corbett, House Bill 2137 would restrict local taxing entities in Pennsylvania from beginning a reassessment process in their area. Counties currently in the midst of a reassessment (Allegheny County) would have the ability to petition the court to delay the process until either the General Assembly has enacted legislation to address the declarations of this bill, or until December 31, 2013, whichever comes first.

The Reassessments Will Help More Than They Harm.

As the recent public outcry against the reassessment in Allegheny County demonstrates, the public is largely against the 2012 reassessment. Why would they favor it? Many people saw increases to their assessed value, sometimes experiencing a double or even triple to their previous assessed value. Others saw errors in the building descriptions listed for their properties, and varying assessment values for very similar properties on the same street.

Yes, it is easy to disagree with the reassessment process. Politicians certainly like to use this issue as a platform. But various aspects of the current situation in Allegheny County are often overlooked.

First, the current reassessments were the result of a judicial decision stating that the 2002 base year previously used for assessment purposes in Allegheny County violated the Uniformity Clause of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Second, the majority of people in Allegheny County will actually see a DECREASE to their tax bills in 2013. With reduced, sustained, or even slight increases to the assessment value of your property, a drop in millage rates will result in a reduced property tax bill next year. This may help lower property taxes for over 60% of the residents.

Third, counties in the midst of a reassessment have already spent millions of tax payer dollars on the reassessment process. In Allegheny County, the reassessment cost more than $12 million to complete. In addition, millions of dollars have been spent since the reassessment numbers were sent out to pay the hundreds of hearing officers who have been hearing the thousands of appeals that have been filed since January. If we waste the money spent, we may have to increase millage rates again for everyone.

Do You Have a Better Plan?

To those arguing against the reassessment, I ask one simple question: if you are unhappy with the current reassessment system, how exactly would you suggest it be improved?

This was the question posed to the Task Force on Property Valuation and Reassessment created by the Pennsylvania House six months ago.

As stated in the Report they released with their results on April 10, 2012, the main purpose of this Task Force was to address the following issues:

  1. developing standards for county assessment contracting and the disclosure of property valuation information to property owners,
  2. helping counties determine when a reassessment is warranted,
  3. suggesting a statewide mandatory reassessment timeline, and
  4. ultimately to set forth their recommendations for how to improve the system of property tax reassessments in Pennsylvania.

With these ambitious objectives, I was intrigued to review the results of this seemingly extensive study. Would this Task Force be able to solve a complicated issue that has plagued Pennsylvania lawmakers and taxing entities alike for years? Unsurprisingly, the results were disappointing.

Each of the stated objectives was included in this study. The Task Force explained their findings for each objective, and ultimately stated what their recommendation was. The recommendation for each of these objectives read almost identically, in stating that “The Task Force recommends that its members continue to work with the Local Government Committee and Finance Committee of the House of Representatives as a work group to further develop…”

In short, there were no practical suggestions on how to change and/or improve the current reassessment system in Pennsylvania. Instead, the Task Force repeatedly states that one standard across the state is not practical because of the differing “property inventories, geography and economic conditions.”

It seems that the result of this six month study was something I could have told you about in two minutes: the issue of property assessments is extremely complex, and there is no easy or inexpensive solution that will make everyone involved satisfied.

Get Ready For More Politics, Not Results.

If House Bill 2137 is passed and signed into law by Governor Corbett, politicians in Allegheny County will undoubtedly use their “fight” against property assessments in their political posturing. But it is important for the public to keep perspective. What is the alternative? If the reassessments are suspended this summer or fall through this moratorium, property owners will merely find themselves in the exact same position two or three years from now. No legislative body has any ideas of how to improve this system for reassessments, and based on the results of their six month study, it does not appear that there will be any pragmatic suggestions any time soon.

Even if House Bill 2137 is signed into law, I do not believe that it will stop the reassessments in Allegheny County. I cannot imagine Judge Wettick overturning the results of 60,000+ hearings because the legislators say they might have a future plan. Nor should they stop the reassessments. If reassessments occur regularly in Allegheny County, the shock value of these huge increases in assessment values will eventually be avoided, and the assessment values will be more equitable to property owners across the County.


This is not a perfect system, but it is disingenuous for politicians to be advocating for a system which has already been declared unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and at the same time provide no better solutions for the residents of Allegheny County.

This article is written for entertainment purposes only. It should not be relied upon for legal advice, and in no way does this article create an attorney/client relationship. We only represent individual(s) once there is a signed representation and fee agreement in place. Please read full legal Disclaimer.

If you have any questions about Allegheny County property assessments or real estate in Pennsylvania, please feel free to call attorneys Nicole Hauptman or Noah Paul Fardo for help at (412) 802.6666 or email us at

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    • Thanks for all your help with this. We will surely recommend your firm to others in a similar situation.

      - Seth W. Pittsburgh City Resident | Defending School District Tax Appeals
    • Whenever unforeseen obstacles have come at us, you have been there to advise, assist, making our lives less stressful and allowing us to focus more on each other as we deal with our loss. God Bless you for that! And our thanks also go out to such a warm and gracious staff.

      - Kathleen W., Meadville, PA | Civil Litigation
    • Dear Attorney Fardo, Thank you for representing us for our reassessment hearings and getting us a favorable settlement! Throughout the appeal process, we found you and your staff (especially Nicole Hauptman and Kelsey Ramsdell) to be accessible, professional and on top of the issue. We would definitely seek your services in the future if the need arises and recommend you to others.

      - Manish. | Pittsburgh, PA | Property Tax Appeals
    • Dear Noah & Nicole, Many thanks to you and your staff for your successful efforts on my behalf.

      - Charles S.
    • Noah and Nicole, Thank you for all your assistance in helping me reduce my assessed property value, and consequently my taxes, to what is a fair and reasonable amount. I am quite satisfied with the outcome. I will definitely keep your firm in mind should I need any future legal counsel.

      - O. B.
    • "When my uncle died unexpectedly in his apartment after the local utility company shut off his heat, I decided to ask several lawyers if they felt that the company was negligent. Attorney Noah Fardo as the only one who looked deeply into the details of the case and then decided a wrong had indeed occurred. He’d call to update me through every stage of litigation, and when he had any news at all to report. I appreciated, so much, the personal touch he had with my case. I have to say, if there was an attorney who was ever so determined, and unrelenting, it’s Noah Fardo. Now my case has been successfully won and the estate received a large settlement. Thank you, Noah!!”

      - F.P.R, Pittsburgh, PA | Wrongful Death
    • “I have been in business for 9 years and never dreamed I would need a lawyer to help receive payment for work I did. But when a customer refused to pay for services I already rendered, I did not know what to do. I called Noah Fardo and we immediately had a plan of action in place. Noah was very professional yet persistent and in no time at all we had settled the matter and he was mailing me a check. What a lifesaver.”

      - Anthony B. Business Owner, North Hills | Business Litigation | Debt Collection
    • Ms. Hauptman, we wish to thank you for the unparalleled professionalism in taking care of our property re-assessment. We did not expect the speed in which you came to a resolution of our appeal. We are pleased with the results and the amount of reduction in assessed value. We appreciated the immediate response to our questions and emails. Your firm will be highly recommended to friends and family. We will certainly contact you if we need any legal assistance in the future.

      - Robert & Donna D.
    • "Nicole Hauptman handled our Allegheny County property appeal professionally and efficiently. We were thrilled that she was able to get our assessment lowered. She made it extremely easy for us. I would highly recommend using Flaherty Fardo for a tax assessment appeal."

    • "During the wrongful death settlement proceeds allocation battle, Noah and his team were constantly keeping me informed. They genuinely care about my situation and made me feel like their only client. I cannot express the elation that I felt once everything was settled. If it weren't for Noah and his team, I would still be in a legal battle. I am extremely impressed with their knowledge, expedience and professionalism. I will be making a special 1800 road trip to just shake their hands. Thanks again Noah, Nicole and Wililam."

    • To everyone at Flaherty Fardo LLC: I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all your proficient help regarding my assessment appeal and your success in getting great results. I cannot thank all of you enough (especially Noah) for all of your hard work on my behalf. I have sent a check for your services, and again a million thanks!

      - Elaine S.
    • “Noah, I am very pleased to hear that you received our payment; my wife and I were very pleased with your efforts on our behalf – especially the outcome. Thank you very much for keeping us constantly informed with new developments in the case, and for letting us know what to anticipate with regards to how the process typically unfolds. Your steady communication helped to make this a fairly stress-free process. We will definitely contact you again if we need assistance in the future, and will recommend you to our family and friends. Thank you again for all of your help, and have a great end of the summer!”

      - D. Martin, Pittsburgh, PA
    • Nicole & Noah, Thanks a lot for this information. I really appreciate the insight you folks provided and the honest feedback. It is not easy to find such honesty, in today’s world.”

      - S.B. Fox Chapel, PA
    • Dear Nicole, Yippee! Thank you, Nicole. You made this entire process very easy for Ron and me and we are thrilled with the results. We appreciate your professionalism and how you kept us informed every step of the way. We will continue to recommend you to family and friends. Take care.

    • "Thanks, Nicole. You did a fabulous job. We'll send you the money in the next day or so. Thanks again for everything. I still don't know how you did it. Keep up the good work."

    • Thank you for the excellent news - the results of your outstanding efforts. We are pleased with the decision and do not want to file an appeal. Regards and Happy New Year!

      - V. K.
    • These guys are great! I need a consultation and got one for free. I talked with Attorney Noah Paul Fardo and he was very helpful. He walked me through the entire process. What I am most impressed with is that he did not try to sell his services. Instead he advised the most cost effective way to help me and actually told me I was better off not hiring a lawyer for now. I think it is very rare for a lawyer to tell a potential client not to hire a lawyer, when it would have been so easy for him to sell his services and charge me, of which I was ready to hire and pay them. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

      - Derek M.
    • Dear Nicole...My wife and I are quite pleased with the results you obtained in the appeal and thank you for your very effective representation or our interests in this matter.

      - James C., Pittsburgh, PA
    • Noah this is the best news that I've heard all year. I want to thank you again for a job well done, and to also let you know that I will use your services in the future for services that I may need. Happy New Year to you and your staff!

      - Dick S.
    • Hi Noah and Shawn, Thank you. I had no idea what to expect filing my first lawsuit. I really didn’t even want to file it. You guys did a phenomenal job and me and my family can’t thank you enough. I hope I never need you again, but if I, or anyone I know does, I absolutely will recommend you. Thanks again guys, we really appreciate it!

      - Robert F., Pittsburgh, PA | Car Accident
    • Noah, I can never thank you enough for the time and effort you put into helping our family. Your dedication and work ethic to bring justice was evident every day I talked to did everything a person could hope for when encountered with this situation. You're a great person, and a great friend too. Thank you so much, you will never be forgotten.

      - Bill M.
    • “Noah, Stef and I would like to thank you for the efforts you and your law firm put into our tax appeal. As you know we lost the appeal twice before and really pretty much had given up, that is until your law firm got involved. Not only did you and your team take on our case but you also handled everything without much involvement from us (I really appreciated when you stopped by my house to pick up needed paperwork, unbelievably awesome!!). Thank you for not only winning our appeal and saving us thousands of dollars but for doing so with professionalism, integrity and trust that is not always easy to find nowadays.”

      - Brad B.B. Ohio Township, PA | Allegheny County Assessments
    • Thank you Noah. It was a pleasure working with you and Nicole. I appreciate the communication you offered all through this process. Thank you for the detailed break up of the different pieces of the property tax and the new amounts. It will help compare the bills we will get. I will send you a check within the week. To the address mentioned in the invoice. Thank you again for getting us these savings in property tax, it was a pleasure working with you.

      - Raj S. Fox Chapel, PA | Property Tax Appeals
    • I retained Flaherty Fardo, LLC to defend me against the city’s appeal of my property tax assessment. What made Flaherty Fardo stand out was the quality of the information available on their website, as well as the knowledge, experience and professionalism of its lawyers and staff. Thanks to their skill and advocacy, the city lost its appeal and I will not face an unexpected and significant increase in my real estate taxes. I was extremely satisfied with Flaherty Fardo’s representation, and while I hope that I will never need a lawyer, it is comforting to know that I can turn to them.

      - Heather S. Pittsburgh, PA Resident | Property Tax Appeals
    • “A Special note of Thanks. A Simple Act of Kindness has a beauty all its own.”

      - Cathy R., Pittsburgh, PA
    • "Dear Nicole, It is with deepest gratitude for all your efforts appealing our assessment that we enclose this payment for your services. You have helped us to correct this inappropriate tax for a house that is under renovation. We are very grateful."

    • Noah Fardo is a 5-star lawyer. When Noah took my case, my experience in working with him exceeded far beyond my expectations. He kept in touch with me through every step of the process, alleviating much of the anxiety associated with a lawsuit. He responded to my ongoing questions, comments and concerns almost immediately. I felt like we were a team and when the case finally came to execution, he left no stone un-turned. Most importantly, he fought for me equipped with total knowledge, vigor and professionalism.

      - M. L.
    • Nicole, thank you for your expert handling of this. I hope you know how thrilled my family is with your results at the Board of Viewers. You've taken a load off my grandmother's mind. I truly appreciate the professionalism, courtesy and promptness you showed us.

      - Rob W.
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