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About Us

The History of Our Pittsburgh Firm

We’re Proud of Our Pittsburgh Roots

  • 1997 – 2004: Woodruff & Flaherty, P.C.
  • 2004 – 2006: Woodruff, Flaherty & Fardo, LLC
  • 2006 – Present: Flaherty Fardo, LLC

The Pittsburgh Firm was founded in 1997 by partners Dwayne D. Woodruff and Shawn T. Flaherty. Both partners names were highly recognizable in the city of Pittsburgh since the 1970’s.

Pittsburgh Steeler Dwayne Woodruff

Dwayne Woodruff

Dwayne Woodruff was a Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1979 and played twelve seasons for the Steelers until his retirement in 1990. He gained notoriety nationwide for not only 37 interceptions in the NFL but for also preparing for life after his football career by attending and excelling at Duquesne law school. It was at Duquesne that Dwayne and Shawn formed their life-long friendship.

Shawn T. Flaherty, Esq. was the eldest son of the beloved former Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, the late Honorable Peter (Pete) Flaherty. Our office had the pleasure of working with ‘Pete’ from 1997 until his passing in 2005. Pete was ‘of counsel’ to the firm.

Mayor Pete Flaherty

Pittsburgh Mayor Pete Flaherty

Founded upon a handshake, integrity, hard work and commitment to clients, Woodruff & Flaherty, P.C. was an immediate recognized and respected law firm in the city of Pittsburgh. In 2004, the firm offered partnership to Noah Paul Fardo and the firm name was changed to Woodruff, Flaherty & Fardo, LLC.

In 2006, partner Dwayne Woodruff, Esq. was presented with an opportunity to give back to the public and was elected as a Judge in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County where he currently works in the juvenile division. Judges are unable to hold partnerships with law firms and accordingly, in 2006, the firm name was changed to Flaherty Fardo, LLC. We thank Judge Woodruff for his years of service and for helping to form our Pittsburgh law firm.

The firm has since added partners Nicole M. Hauptman, Esq. and William F. Rogel, Esq, and attorney Jaclyn Gibson.

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