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Why you need experienced Pennsylvania Debt Collectors, if you want to collect.

Enforcing Debt Collection judgments

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Flaherty Fardo, LLC, understand that Pennsylvania debt collections is a strategic game and that there are professional debtors who know how to avoid judgments being enforced.

These days businesses and individuals are tight on cash and are choosing who to pay and who not pay. Most people are not even worried anymore about judgments on their credit reports.

You need experienced Pennsylvania debt collection attorneys if you are going to collect on a judgment in Pennsylvania or out of state. We fully evaluate the possibilities of bankruptcy, claims for exemptions, and the ability to hide assets in every case. Through our due diligence we are able to minimize the potential for lost costs. The last thing business owners and individuals need when owed money is to lose more money.

We are experienced in all aspects of Pennsylvania debt collection law including collecting and enforcing judgments against debtors all over the entire state of Pennsylvania. We offer free consultations at all levels through the litigation process, and we are often eager to assist in enforcing judgments which have already been entered.

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Noah Paul Fardo, Esq. is a Pennsylvania trial lawyer and the managing partner of Flaherty Fardo, LLC. His legal practice focuses in medical malpractice, personal injury, business litigation, and property tax appeals. You can find him on Google+.

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