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About Us

Our Philosophy Is Simple

Keeping Our Clients Happy

Our business model has always been the same. Satisfied clients lead to referrals and repeat business. But even more important than that, we appreciate the enormous trust our clients have placed in our Pittsburgh law firm. We understand that in order for our firm to be successful, we must cost-effectively satisfy the legal objectives of our clients with no exceptions.

To help ensure that our clients are always satisfied, we need to be accessible, be prepared, and be fair.

1. We care about our clients … 

We work hard to keep our clients continuously updated and believe in the importance of client communication. Our firm prides ourselves on being readily accessible if possible. Our clients should never have any difficulty reaching us.

If we are unavailable, we are diligent about having all calls, emails and letters promptly responded to. We are always willing to make arrangements to fit our client’s schedule and we make sure we are never late (if at all possible) for meetings with our clients. In short, we treat our clients in the same manner as we would want and expect to be treated.

2. Which helps lead to results …

Preparation leads to positive results. We are prepared for every motion, hearing, meeting, deposition and trial. We believe that the best settlements can only happen when the defendants know and see our preparation. Therefore, we prepare and expect every single case to go to trial.

Clients hire us for results, and meeting the expectations of our clients is an important measure of the results.

3. Which helps lead to satisfied clients.

At the end of the lawsuit or settlement, the only question that matters is whether our clients were satisfied. In the end, our clients must be satisfied, and they will not be satisfied unless we are fair and produce results. We are always fair and our goal is to retain every single client we have. We believe we truly care about our clients and are proud of the client testimonials we have received to date.

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