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Satisfied Clients

Thank You. What We Strive for in Every Case

Our reputation as attorneys is be defined by what our clients have to say about us. The following testimonials are emails or letters which we have received from past clients. These testimonials are not meant to guarantee success in your case. Of course, each case is unique and past results do not guarantee future success. However, these client testimonials are nice to receive and what we strive for with every client we represent.

3 Simple Rules To Keep Our Clients Satisfied

Our office views three rules as the key to client satisfaction.  Each rule may seem like common sense, but too often in the legal profession, attorneys and law firms do not follow them.  We try to conduct business differently.  We value integrity, hard work and always putting our clients first.  We hope this approach gains us satisfied clients and word-of-mouth referrals.  It is also the right thing to do.

Rule #3: Promptly Return all Phone Calls, Emails and Letters.

Frankly, lawyers have earned their reputation for not promptly returning phone calls and other communications.  Our attorneys go out of our way to be accessible to our clients.  We try to answer any missed calls and other communications as soon as possible—typically the same day—even if it means sending e-mails or making calls after hours.   Clients are consistently surprised by our responsiveness, and we believe it is one of the traits that sets our law firm apart.

Rule #2:  Always Keep Clients Informed About The Status of Their Case.

We realize that most of our clients are new to the legal system.  The legal process is often frustratingly slow, filled with long delays and sometimes disputes over details that have little to do with the heart of the case.  People can become discouraged if they do not know what is happening with their case.  We feel that it is our responsibility as lawyers to make sure that our clients understand where we are at all times and what to expect next.  In addition to communicating with our clients via telephone calls and written correspondence, we are using technology to keep our clients more informed than ever, as new software allows clients to access documents, updates, and calendar events related to their case, online, in real time.

Rule #1: Treat Each Client as You Would Your Own Family.

If we represent someone, that person deserves to be treated with the same enthusiasm, professionalism, and vigor we would use to represent members of our own families.   An attorney and a client will often spend a great deal of time and make important, life-changing decisions together.  Choosing a lawyer can make a huge difference not just in someone’s case, but in his or her life, and developing relationships with our clients allows us to better represent them. We are proud of the numerous lasting friendships we have forged with our clients over the years.

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